• From sail to steam

    Gradual transition of Greek seafarers from sail to steam with the major contribution of Diaspora expatriates, who were the first owners of Greek-owned steamships. Read more

  • First greek-flagged newbuilding steamship

    The brothers John and Anthony Theophilatos, hailing from the island of Ithaca, ordered at the R. Thompson, Jr. shipyard in Sunderland, United Kingdom, the first newbuilding Greek-flagged cargo steamship, the ITHACA. Read more

  • Acquisition of greek-owned steamships

    In the last decades of the 19th century almost 200 ships were acquired by Greeks, 40% of which were newbuildings. Read more

  • Second Boer war

    The outbreak of the Second Boer War in South Africa in 1899, altered the state of affairs as many British merchant ships were requisitioned for the transportation of troops and cargoes. This created new supply and demand dynamics pushing forward at the same time the shipping industry towards the new century. Read more

  • Evolution of Piraeus

    Since the early 20th century, Piraeus evolved into an important industrial, commercial and transit hub. Read more

  • First hellenic maritime conference

    In September 1902 the first maritime conference was held in Hermoupolis on the island of Syros. The agenda included the establishment of schools for the training of masters and engineers, the adoption and implementation of legislation on maritime mortgages, the establishment of a maritime bank, the operation of marine insurance and the building of steamships […]

  • The first greek ocean liner

    Master marine Dimitris Moraitis, from the island of Andros, acquired in 1907 by British shipyards the first Greek ocean liner, the MORAITIS. Read more

  • Bordeaux maritime exposition

    Greece participated in the Bordeaux Maritime Exposition in 1907 which highlighted the achievements of all maritime nations since the steamships prevailed. Read more

  • First balkan war

    On 20 September 1912, a few days before the outbreak of the First Balkan War, the Greek government requisitioned all merchant ships at the port of Piraeus. More ships were requisitioned in other ports of Greece, whilst Greek steamers in foreign ports were given orders to sail full speed to Greece. Read more

  • Second balkan war

    On 29 June 1913 the Second Balkan War broke out, during which the merchant fleet contributed to Greece’s victory. Greece emerged from the two Balkan Wars, having gained a large part of its claims. Read more